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A fluid and embodied practice which challenges and nourishes

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Expect playful and innovative yoga sessions with knowledge, creativity and exploration. Classes are infused with warmth, encouragement and a deep understanding of the postures, practices and philosophy of Yoga.

Regular classes currently cover different styles and paces: from challenging flow to slower and more reflective, therapeutic classes, so you can find one that suits you.

She has been leading classes and workshops at some of London's top studios, delivering courses in yoga and is now offering 2 unique courses: Somatic Yoga Training

Professional development course Yoga Assists: Verbal Non-verbal &Hands-on ques.


Frankie teaches courses, classes and workshops that are engaging, inclusive and have a creative playfulness to them. Her aim is to offer fresh ways to approach ourselves so we can really understand what makes us tick. In learning to balance and regulate our nervous system, and our other body systems, we develop more agency, more choice and nurture the connection between our body and mind. 

Frankie holds certificates in several traditional yoga lineages, having spent many years living in India. She is known for teaching Scaravelli inspired and Somatic approaches to traditional yoga and for her 1:1 work in the post-natal field, with adults affected by autism, with performers and those rehabilitating from injury and surgery.

Frankie is also qualified in, and teaches, Pregnancy and Post Natal Yoga, Functional Movement and Experiential Anatomy and offers yoga and specialised Movement Education classes and 1:1’s. 

She is a trauma informed practitioner and has worked closely with people with a very wide range of experiences. She thinks a lot about how we relate to each other in the current world, how we heal and how we thrive.

She delivers sessions for movement students of all backgrounds and is a Somatic Movement Facilitator and Movement Therapist.

She continues to study hands-on modalities for healing and empowerment


Join Frankie for her weekly class or work individually with a personalised 1-1 session.


Find out more about up and coming events,  online courses and professional Training Modules - fully accredited by The British Wheel of Yoga 


Q : Who are your classes aimed at?
F : Every Every Everybody! I believe that everyone can practice yoga and that it’s my job as a teacher to make these practices available to everyone


Frankie is a teacher of vast integrity and understanding. She lives the practice and so brings not only a deep practical knowledge but the ability to translate that knowledge into a map, a pathway for me to practice with. 



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Contact number - 07507797173

Studio images by Jahel Guerra 

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